CamScanner App | How to Download CamScanner Apk for Android?

PDF file plays a vital role in everyone live, be it for storing documents files or printing out important pages. There was a time when PDF files are created through online and with the help of PC software. Even if you don’t have computer or no idea about the online PDF file converter sites. No worries the Smartphone app developer has come up with an app known as CamScanner App. It helps you to meet all the needs of creating PDF or converting files into PDF format.

Now create PDF file format is easy than ever, it saves you time and energy at the same time. Get the CamScanner app download for Android devices from Google play store which is totally free to use. Time to say goodbye to the shops that deals with documents printing and scanning documents work. Now you can do all the works by yourself, simply sitting at home and totally free.

CamScanner App Download

CamScanner App Download – Everything You Need to Know!

CamScanner is one way a PDF creative tool that is very much useful and rich in its features. It allows you to create PDF by simply converting any printed document or images. To make PDF file is simple using the PDF converter application tool, you just have to choose any photo or capture documents on your Android device. Not only that CamScanner also gives you an access to scan files, store it and transfer the file into various Smartphone devices. When you are in need to send any important document files to your co-worker or friends or family, CamScanner does the job in just a matter of minutes. CamScanner App download is free and is officially available to download from play store.

When you are in need to send any important document files to your co-worker or friends or family, CamScanner does the job in just a matter of minutes. CamScanner App download is free and is officially available to download from play store.

The document scanner has earned its position on the top of the list among its type of application. Instantly scan the documents that need to be sent urgently which is just a matter of minutes. Crop the captured images of the documents and send it to the recipients into high quality. Either print the photo or send it via email or save it as PDF format. Here we will be having a detailed discussion on the process of CamScanner App download for Android device.

How to Download and Install CamScanner App from Google Play Store:

CamScanner App is one of the most useful tools that are necessary for everyone, especially for those people who are found of printing documents all the time. In this section, you will learn the ways to download and install CamScanner App on your Android Device.

  • Step 1: Search for the Google Play Store on your Android Phone, tap on the icon to launch it.
  • Step 2: Into the Play Store on the search engine, simply enter the keyword “CamScanner” and then go for the search button.
  • Step3: Tap on the icon of the “CamScanner” App, and that appears on the top list of the file search on Play Store.
  • Step 4: Soon you will be redirected to the next page of the Google Play Store. As you can notice the “install” button on your phone screen, select it.
  • Step 5: To start the installation process, your CamScanner app will need to get an access to photos or camera, media files, etc. Select the “Accept” button to continue installation of the file on your device.
  • Step6: After a while, the files of CamScanner App will get start downloading on your phone from Play Store.

When the download of the CamScanner file is complete, it will get installed automatically on your Android device. Now you are good to use CamScanner to get PDF converted files into your phone storage.

Features of the CamScanner App – Which You Need to Know:

CamScanner App is one of the best apps that comes with unique tool and features. Here are the features that you must learn about the document scanner and sharing application.

  • CamScanner allows you to use your phone camera for scanning documents, certificates or notes.
  • Make a quick search for the list of documents, which you wish to send with CamScanner from your phone storage.
  • Customize the scan quality of the images by cropping that you have captured using your phone.
  • The optical character recognition smartly extracts the texts from the paper to edit or for the purpose of .txt sharing.
  • Print out the PDF Converted file or captured documents and pages in CamScanner.
  • Simply send the fax directly to the recipients at a fast speed to over 30 different countries.
  • Share important files with your friends like PDF or JPEG format of files into social media accounts.
  • Sign up with the CamScanner application to sync documents across various platforms of devices.
  • Simple to view or edit files or share any selected documents to your friends vie email and through the App.
  • CamScanner feature it advances editing mode that let you make annotations, or you can simply add up the customization of the watermark on any documents.
  • The user of the phone PDF Create can invite their friends or co-workers, to take a look at the scan documents that are uploaded to a group.
  • Secure all of your entire scanned save file or converted PDF documents by setting a passcode. Especially at the time of sending documents link, you can put some password on it to protect the file.
  • To enjoy more features of the CamScanner app the user can subscribe to its premium version.


CamScanner App is an impressive application tool that fulfills all the daily needs to work with. By now you must have got all the important details that you need to know about CamScanner App. The user can switch to the premium version of the document scanning and share app, to get more benefits and enjoy the advanced features of the application.

There is no doubt that CamScanner is an important application tool that deals with all the documents scanning, say it converting PDF file and many others works. We hope that this article on CamScanner App download was completely helpful to you in many ways. Readers you must not waste your precious time thinking to own the app, get the CamScanner app today itself on your Android phone from Play Store without making any delay in time.

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